Health Ministry

The Health Ministry highlights the importance of integrating physical and psychological wellness with faith and spirituality. This parish-based health ministry promotes wellness through education and advocacy. It focuses on health promotion and disease prevention but does not replace the supervised care of a physician nor does it provide clinical care. When healthcare seems confusing, detached, or difficult to access the health minister can provide resources and encouragement that educate, advocate and promote caring within the context of our Catholic beliefs and practices at St. Joseph the Worker.

The Health Ministry needs dedicated men and women of all ages, genders, and fields of expertise. A healthcare or specialty license is NOT required. The most important assets to bring to this ministry are a willingness to see the person as a whole being, physical, psychological, as well as spiritual, to listen with your heart, and to interact with kindness and compassion.

Contact: Joann Bonneville RN, BSN, FCN at
Pam Hren, RN, FCN